2024 Nominations Quadrennium Survey

2024 Nominations Quadrennium Survey

Holston needs you.

Holston Annual Conference operates on a quadrennium nominations basis. That means that the vast majority of all nominations occur every four years. (2020, 2024, 2028) In the interim years, we only fill those positions that become vacant in the interim. 

Deadline to submit a Nomination is November 30, 2022.

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The Communications Advisory Council is a group of professional communicators that offer suggestions and ideas to help improve the Holston Communications department. This council meets periodically throughout the year via in-person and/or Zoom to discuss communication needs provides brainstorming sessions for new ideas.

Service agency of the entire Conference.

Total Membership = 16

9 elected members, Cabinet Representative, Director of Communications, Communications Administrative Assistant, Digital Media Specialist, Database Manager, Print Media Specialist, Editor of The Call (2016 BOD ¶¶609, 646). Related to Council on Finance and Administration and Annual Conference.

Total Membership = 13

12 elected members, Cabinet Representative.

Total Membership = 13

11 elected members, 1 from the Young Adult Ministry, Cabinet Representative (2016 BOD ¶634). Related to the Discipleship Team, Council on Finance and Administration, 1. Wesley Foundations, and 2. Conference Colleges.

(Related directly to Annual Conference)

The Conference Lay Leader is the elected leader of conference laity (2016 BOD ¶607.1).

Total membership 22

9 District Lay Leaders; presidents of United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Youth; Resident Bishop, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries; 2 cabinet representatives; 5 members-at-large; Conference Lay Leader. The Board may elect up to three associate Conference Lay Leaders from its membership, who may represent the Lay Leader with full voting rights in any group of which the Lay Leader is a member. (2016 BOD ¶631)

The Conference Lay Leader shall be the chairperson of the conference Board of Lay Ministry (2016 BOD ¶607.3).

The Board of Lay Ministry is the elected lay leadership of the Annual Conference.  Therefore it is accountable to the Annual Conference. The membership includes the district lay leaders, the Conference Lay Servant Coordinator, Conference United Women In Faith president, Conference UMM president, CCYM president, and a few members at large.

The function of this committee includes the following as outlined in the Discipline Para. 631:

•           fostering an awareness of the role of the laity,

•           developing the advocacy role for laity,

•           increasing the participation of laity in the life of the church

•           encouraging laypersons in the general ministry of the church,

•           developing and promoting programs to cultivate an adequate understanding of the theological and biblical basis for lay life and work,

•           developing and promoting stewardship of time, talent and possessions,

•           providing for the training of lay members to Annual Conference,

•           providing support and direction for such lay programs as lay speaking, the observance of Laity Sunday, and the work of lay leaders on the local and district levels,

•           organizing a conference committee on lay speaking ministries.

This Committee meets about 4- 5 times per year by Zoom since the members are so spread out, and a short meeting is held at the beginning of Annual Conference.

Total Membership = 24

12 elected members, Resident Bishop, Board of Higher Education & Campus Ministry Chairperson, Conference Lay Leader, Director of Connectional Ministries, 5 Chairpersons of Ministry Teams with vote: Missions, Nurture, Outreach, Stewardship, Witness, 3 Representatives without vote: Appointment Cabinet, Board of Ordained Ministry, Communications Advisory Council. (2016 BOD ¶630)

Total Membership = 14
12 elected members, Ex-Officio: Conference Secretary of Global Ministries, Cabinet Representative (2016 BOD ¶633). Sub-groups to be determined by Missions Team in consultation with Discipleship Team.

Total Membership = 18

12 elected members, Representatives of the 4 Ministry Teams/Board with vote (Children’s, Council on Youth, Young Adult, Camp and Retreat), Board of Lay Ministry Representative, Cabinet Representative. Other representatives to be determined and named by Nurture Team in consultation with Discipleship Team.

The Nurture Team exits to equip local churches and ministry leaders to effectively disciple those in their care. Over the past few years, we have been discerning ways to help churches develop discipleship plans for their members.

Total Membership = 11

9 elected, 2 Ex- Officio: Cabinet Representative, Staff Resource Person.

Our team exists to  

o    Connect, Encourage, Equip, 

o    Share and Relay Stories

o    Equip Churches - new and Improving ministries 

o    Equip leaders, provide tools, form relationships

§  Cultivate Faith is our new initiative, not our new “why”

It’s a way for us to connect post-pandemic, and is a way for us to fulfill why we exist as a team - to connect, encourage, equip Our new initiative is Cultivate Faith… Cultivate Faith is the small daily and weekly faith steps with children that leads to big faith. The focus is to help families grow and develop spiritual practices and daily habits to cultivate faith in their own lives and the lives of their children, even in the mess and the chaos of a busy schedule. 

Out of the pandemic the Children’s Ministry Team even more so recognized the deep importance of the partnership of the local church and families connecting together. It is crucial that we partner Clergy and Faith Leaders with parents and guardians in the family. As we glean knowledge from one another, and focus our hearts on following Jesus, we are able to encourage those in the lives of children of their role in helping children learn,
discover, and experience more about Jesus.

The primary faith former in a child’s life are their parents or guardians. Our calling as Pastors and Church leadership is to partner alongside families in the growing of the faith in a Child’s life. 

Total Membership = 30

2 youth per District, 1 adult per District, Coordinator of District Coordinators, Cabinet Representative, Staff-Coordinator of Youth Ministries (2016 BOD ¶649).

Total Membership = 14

12 elected members, 75% or 9 of which are age 18 to 35, representing a cross-section of the Annual Conference, Cabinet Representative, Staff Resource (2016 BOD ¶650).

The Conference Young Adult Ministry Team has the task of helping resource our local churches in the task of reaching young adults as recognized by the Book of Discipline.  This team also seeks to develop creative ideas to help Young Adults interact and participate as persons of faith across the conference.  This team meets 2 or 3 times a year, usually by Zoom.

No additional information available at this time.

Total Membership = 19+

12 elected members plus the five ministry area chairpersons required by Discipline: Religion and Race, Church and Society, Status and Role of Women, and Christian Unity and Inter-Religious Concerns, Disability Concerns/Relationships Ministry Area, and chairpersons or representatives of other groups related to Outreach / Advocacy. Cabinet Representative (2016 BOD ¶629), Staff Resource.

The Outreach Advocacy Ministry Team can best be understood by reading Paragraph 629 of the 2016 Book of Discipline, as the description of the Board of Church and Society under Conference Structure best parallels our Outreach Advocacy Team.  The seminal idea is in P629.4:  “Program shall be developed that provided education and action on issues confronting the Church consistent with the Social Principles and policies adopted by General Conference.”  We further discover in that Paragraph that we relate to the Districts and local churches in “relating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to persons and structures of our communities, nations, and world.”  A number of members and ex-officio members represent specific advocacy groups and ministries within our Holston structure, and we are an umbrella under which our relatedness can be shared, planned, and lived out.

We should meet 3-4 times per year, with at least two of those being in-person gatherings.  Meetings could last between 2-3 hours.

Total Membership = 14+

12 elected members, Cabinet Representative (2016 BOD ¶643)  Staff Resource, Sub-Groups related to and determined by Religion and Race Ministry Area.

(Chair) (2016 BOD ¶629).

(Chair) (2016 BOD  ¶644).

(Chair) (2016 BOD ¶642).

(Chair)(2016 BOD ¶653).

Total membership = 12

9 elected, Ex-Officio Cabinet Representative, staff, Founding Director.

Strength for the Journey has been on hold because of Covid.  We are planning a 2023 retreat in April 30- May 5.  The board meets quarterly (or less) but the annual design team meets at least monthly and as needed.

Strength for the Journey is an annual retreat led by the Holston Conference for persons with HIV+/AIDS.  The schedule is based on the pattern of the Upper Room Academy for Spiritual Formation emphasizing morning and evening worship.  We also have an evening campfire where we release and bear witness to the saints surrounding us, the hopes before, and the things we must release to continue on our journey in Christ.  Workshops usually include storytelling, medical updates, mental health concerns, and hands-on activities such as crafts.  The camp is blessed with a rich diversity of persons.  We welcome volunteers who love Jesus and bear witness that we are all one in Christ. 

Total Membership = 10

9 elected members, Cabinet Representative (2016 BOD ¶654). With the goal of at least one person from each district and preference given to persons with Native American ancestry.

The Native American Ministries Committee of Holston Conference seeks to advocate for ministry with and by Native Americans to share the diverse culture, history and traditions of Native peoples, with an emphasis on those peoples original to and/or living in Holston Conference. As part of our advocacy, we have and will continue monitor issues within the larger Native American community, determine what actions can be taken by Holston Conference churches, and address same through petitions and resolutions as warranted. The most significant focus of our work is providing relevant educational activities and resources to both clergy and laity. Additionally, the committee receives occasional requests to represent the ministry at community events, and to make presentations to organizations both inside and outside the church. Our goal is to ensure that Holston Conference clergy and laity have the information and resources needed to properly acknowledge the original inhabitants of the lands on which our churches stand, and to observe Native American Ministry Sunday and other specially designated days through more than announcing an annual special offering.

The committee consists of 10 members (9 clergy/laity, and 1 cabinet representative), and meets monthly at 3 p.m. on the second Tuesday via Zoom (except immediately preceding Holy Week and during the month of Annual Conference), but may occasionally meet more frequently if activities of the committee warrant it (rare). Members are expected to be present at 50% of the Zoom meetings. The committee has budgeted for and will begin hosting an annual one-day in-person education event in 2023 for which all members will be expected to be present (except in case of medical and family emergencies). In view of the cost of travel, the committee member closest to the location of special presentations (such as UWF or local civic/community organizations) will be expected to fulfill any speaking/presentation requests.

Total Membership = 8

6 elected members, Ex-Officio: Representative, Religion and Race and Director of Connectional Ministries.

Total Membership = 15

12 elected members, Cabinet Representative, Staff Resource, Director of Connectional Ministries

The Stewardship Committee exists to empower the clergy and laity of the Holston Conference to lead in the vital work of cultivating generosity and practicing biblical stewardship in our local churches and mission fields.

Typically, we meet quarterly via Zoom with the potential for one in-person meeting per year.  Our committee helps lead and organize events such as the "Unleashing Generosity" conference.  This conference will bring clergy and laity together to learn best practices in the arena of generosity from an array of gifted leaders.

Total Membership = 17

12 elected members, Chairpersons of Committee on Small Membership Congregation Team and Hispanic/Latino Ministry Leadership Team, Director of Congregational Development & Revitalization, Director of Connectional Ministries, and Cabinet Representative

Total Membership = 10

9 elected members, Cabinet Representative

The mission of the Small Church Membership Committee of the Holston Conference is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In a hopefully post pandemic world, we need to exercise some urgency in re-engaging members who have checked out of their small groups and reach new people who are starving for friendship and ministry. I am optimistic about the impact of partnership and (HUB) community focus as we move forward.

The Small Membership Church Committee will meet quarterly in different locations. During this post pandemic moving forward we will meet in person or by Zoom.

Total Membership = 13

12 elected members, Cabinet Representative

Our committee seeks to develop and promote opportunities for Hispanic/Latino ministry across Holston Conference. We work with our Hispanic/Latino congregations and missions, and serve as a network for ministries across the conference. We work with local congregations and districts to help identify and grow opportunities for new outreach and mission. We also support training for Hispanic/Latino laity and clergy, as well as providing some scholarships for camp and youth activities and other leadership training.

Time Expectations:    We try to meet up to three times a year, with a meeting in January, and one (a dinner) at annual conference in June and a potential meeting in the fall.   The meetings last no more than 2 hours.   We have met in person and on Zoom (due to Covid) , but every meeting is designed to be hybrid (with both in-person and Zoom) , so that we can have as full a participation as possible from members across the conference.

Total Membership = 13

9 elected members, Ex-Officio: Representative – Board of Ordained Ministry, Director-Center for Wellbeing (with vote), Director- Office of Clergy Services / Staff Resource and Cabinet Representative.

Total Membership = 13+

8 elected members, Representative of the Board of Ordained Ministry, three (3) District Superintendents (none of whom shall be from any district where Counselors hold their Charge Conference), Director of Clergy Services. Related to Cabinet, Board of Ordained Ministry, and sub-groups related to and determined by the Center for Wellbeing Supervisory Committee.

No additional information available at this time.

Total Membership = 19

15 elected members and 4 persons without vote: Resident Bishop, Conference Treasurer, District Superintendent chosen by the Cabinet, and Director of Connectional Ministries. The Council shall elect its own officers, except the treasurer who shall be the Conference Treasurer. (2016 BOD ¶¶611, 612)

The Council on Finance and Administration includes 15 members nominated by the Conference Committee on Nominations and elected by the Annual Conference. It is recommended that seven be clergypersons and eight be laypersons.

The council develops, maintains and administers a comprehensive and coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies, procedures and management services for the Annual Conference. More: ¶¶611-618 Book of Discipline.

The Council on Finance and Administration typically quarterly, with called meetings as needed.  Meetings are hybrid, in person and Zoom.

Total Membership = 27

8 elected members each from Clergy, Laymen, Laywomen, Pensions Director, Chair of Joint Committee on Medical Leave, Cabinet Representative. (2016 BOD ¶639)

The Board of Pensions is a 24-person board made up of 9 clergy members and 15 laity members. Each board member serves an eight-year term, with three people rolling off the board each year and three new people coming onto the board. The full board meets twice a year, and the meetings are hybrid in-person/zoom meetings. The meetings typically last between 2 – 4 hours. The board oversees the administration of the Wespath retirement plans and the Wespath death/disability plans for Holston Conference clergy, as well as the health insurance plan for both clergy and lay employees. This committee is responsible for setting the health insurance rates each year, as well as choosing the plan options for the active clergy/lay plan as well as the retiree health insurance plan. The board also recommends the Past Service Rate increase each year for Pre-82 participants, which is voted on at Annual Conference.

Total Membership = 16

12 elected members, Cabinet Representative; Ex-Officio, non-voting CFA representative, Resident Bishop and non-voting Staff-Conference Treasurer. The Board shall elect its own officers. (2016 BOD ¶¶640, 2512-2550)

Total Membership = 14

9 elected members, Cabinet Representative, Historical Society Representative, Conference Archivist, Conference Historian and Staff-Conference Secretary. (2016 BOD ¶641).

Commission meetings are happening about twice a year.  We have done them by zoom due to the pandemic but are looking at in person for our next one.  It helps to use older options with this committee due to the fact that members are mostly older and don’t navigate technology well.  Basecamp has not been an effective tool for the majority of the commission, but is useful for some of it.

Total Membership = 14

10 elected members [an equal number of lay and clergy members], Executive Assistant to the Bishop, one District Superintendent- (Sustentation Funds), Staff-Conference Treasurer, Staff-Director of Clergy Services/Conference Secretary. (2016 BOD ¶625).

-responsible for recommending to the annual conference the minimum compensation levels for clergy and requirements for equitable compensation requests.

-typically meets in January and April.  The January meeting is at the conference office including an option for virtual attendance and participation.  The April meeting is typically a Zoom meeting.  Meetings are typically less than 2 hours.

-membership is to be an equal number of laity and clergy.  There shall be one clergyperson and one lay person from a church with less than 200 in membership (BOD ¶625)

Total Membership = 15

12 elected (4 clergy, 4 laymen, 4 laywomen), 1 clergy, l layman and 1 laywoman appointed by the Resident Bishop, Ex-Officio Members are the lay and clergy members of Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy. The Conference Lay Leader shall be one of the lay elected persons. (2016 BOD ¶637)

The functions of the Conference Committee on Episcopacy are enumerated in the Book of Discipline, Paragraph 637. The committee is charged with the responsibility of supporting the bishop in the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Church and the annual conference, being available to the bishop for counsel, assisting in the determination of the episcopal needs of the annual conference and making appropriate recommendations in that regard, keeping the bishop advised of conditions in the annual conference as they affect relationships between the bishop and the people of the conference agencies, interpreting to the people of the annual conference and conference agencies the nature and function of the episcopal office, engaging in a process of evaluating the bishop's performance with respect to her job responsibilities, relationships with people and groups at all levels of the denominational structure, and the consultation process in appointment-making, and reporting the results of that evaluation along with other needs for episcopal leadership to the Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy. In order to carry out these functions, the Holston Conference Committee on Episcopacy meets at least once per quarter. Those meetings generally last 2-3 hours each. The meetings are held at the Conference Center in Alcoa, Tennessee; however, for every meeting, the committee makes a virtual meeting link available to those members who are unable to attend in person so that they can participate remotely via their computers or telephones. 

There shall be a Conference Committee on Nominations composed of the Resident Bishop, who shall serve as Chairperson, members of the extended cabinet, Conference Lay Leader, President of the Conference United Methodist Women, President of the Conference United Methodist Men, Chairperson of the Discipleship Team, Conference Secretary, a representative of United Methodist Youth, one layperson from each district chosen by the District Committee on Nominations, a member of the Order of Deacons, and additional lay and clergy persons for equalization of lay and clergy membership.

Total Membership = 12

9 elected members, Ex-Officio a member of the current Holston delegation to General Conference, the Secretary of the Annual Conference and a Cabinet Representative.

Our task is to "vet" the resolutions that are filed. Sometimes few resolutions are filed meaning our work load is small.  Sometimes, many

resolutions are filed which makes our work onerous. We meet in early March by zoom and this past years meeting on zoom lasted almost 3 hours. 

Our report is made to the annual conference and consists of "concur' or "non-concur" as to each resolution.

Total Membership = 14

8 elected members (4 Lay and 4 Clergy) nominated by the Committee on Nominations and elected by the Annual Conference, 6 Ex-Officio members with vote: Resident Bishop, Conference Chancellor, Conference Secretary, Cabinet Representative, Executive Assistant to the Bishop, and Parliamentarian.

Committee on Rules meets once during the year (Usually late Feb/early March) for annual update of rules and conference structure.  We have done in-person and zoom and find them both workable.  Basecamp is a very vital tool for this committee.  Additionally in-person meetings during annual conference are at times necessary due to any changes that come up from the floor and have to lay over a day. 

Total Membership = 18

12 elected members, Conference Chancellor, Executive Assistant to the Bishop, Chairperson of Committee on Episcopacy, Chairperson of Personnel Team of the Council on Finance and Administration or designee, Cabinet Representative, Resident Bishop (Ex-Officio).

The Personnel Resource Committee has primary responsibility for all matters related to the paid staff of the Holston Conference.  Staff can be lay or clergy who are hired to work in a particular area of ministry on behalf of the Holston Annual Conference.   The committee is responsible for making recommendations on salary and all employment benefits that are part of compensation packages.  Likewise, the committee is responsible for maintaining an Employee Handbook.  Our meetings are usually on an as needed basis, but timed so as to meet deadlines for the conference budget season.  Meetings have been in-person and by zoom depending on the issues to be discussed.  Some discussions and voting have periodically occurred via email.   

The membership consists of 18-25 persons. Preferably at least two 2 people per district. Ex-Officio being the Resident Bishop, Communications Committee Representative, and three Cabinet representatives. The role of this taskforce is to assist the Cabinet in helping to lead the Conference in identifying and dismantling racism.

Named by the Resident Bishop-Shall consist of between 9 and 15 members, set up in three rotating panels. No more than three (3) team members can serve consecutive terms on the Conference Strategy Team.

The Holston Conference Strategy Team is responsible for implementing the Holston Conference Comprehensive Strategy Plan adopted by the Holston Annual Conference in 2017.  The purpose of the Holston Conference Comprehensive Strategy Plan is to calibrate the structure of the Conference to facilitate the effective mission and ministry of the Conference.  More specifically, the Comprehensive Strategy Plan creates assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of Conference mission and ministry by examining: 1) the health of the Connection among local churches, districts and the Conference; 2) ways to support clergy and churches through the creation of Missional Hubs and insuring the clergy get support, accountability and encouragement through participation in clergy-based groups; 3) the demographics, geography and mission of the Districts within Holston Conference and discern whether the number and/or boundaries of the Districts are right-sized; 4) the structure of Conference committees, teams and task forces to insure that the work of the Conference is carried out as efficiently as possible; 5) the financial health of churches and ministries through periodic 'wellness checks' to help entities become healthy; 6) the Conference staffing structure to make sure that the ministries of the Conference are being led in an efficient and productive manner; and 7) the effectiveness of Communications in the Conference to insure that it is informing parishioners, churches, districts and the Conference regarding the work of the Conference.  Persons on this Team utilize the tools expressed in the Comprehensive Strategy Plan on a periodic basis to make sure they are available to Conference leaders to use as the Bishop, the Cabinet and other Leaders across the Conference implement our collective vision for Conference mission and ministry.  This Team typically meets monthly for several hours via Zoom or in-person, depending upon exigent circumstances.

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