Mission Team Program

Mission Team Program

We appreciate your interest in the Jubilee Project Inc. mission team program.  Volunteer mission teams make a valuable contribution to the services and programs offered to the community by Jubilee Project.  The work, the enthusiasm, and the love shared during the mission team experience have a profound effect on the lives of the participants and those they serve.

The goals of our mission team program are fourfold:

  • First, We hope the time spent working and sharing together will help your group grow as Christians.  We hope they will use the time away from their normal environment and routine to reflect and pray about the challenges and joys in your group’s lives and that, each one will be spiritually enriched. 
  • Second, We hope to make the daily work beneficial to the mission and the surrounding community.
  • Third, We hope that during your stay here that you will learn about the beauty and richness of the mountains and the people who live here and will compare their struggles and problems with those of your own communities.
  • Fourth, We wish to help each individual understand what Jubilee Project is and why it is important to the Appalachian region of northeastern Tennessee.   

The Mission team program at Jubilee Project welcomes both youth and adults.  We accept youth fellowships, young adult and adult groups, intergenerational groups, and district and conference groups.  We ask that for every five youth (9th -12th grade), there is at least one adult.  For every 4 junior high youth (6th- 8th grade), there must be one adult.  Some of our most successful teams are an even mix of adults and teens.  This can be an excellent opportunity for mentoring and developing spiritual maturity in your young people.



After you have applied and paid your deposit, your date will be locked in.  Please see the mission team packet found on the link below. Included in this packet is a form for listing the skill level and experience of each adult leader with your team. We will use this to help us decide which worksite is appropriate for your group. We will also look at the age of your group and the adult/youth ratio. If there are any special concerns, please make sure to notate them on the form and call us to make sure that we’re aware of them. There are maintenance needs of Jubilee Project that may be considered as part of your scheduled work project.  Jubilee’s maintenance needs are ongoing and important to our overall impact in the area and, we are grateful for help in this area.

Our fee schedule for 2020 is $45.00 per person per night staying in facilities provided by Jubilee Project. This covers lodging and worksite supplies.  Your team needs to supply food and paper products. To insure the best possible experience for your team, we try to have as many job site supplies ready for you as we can when you begin work.

For more information about the Mission Team program, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com

Mission Team Application