About Us

About Us

Who are we?

 Jubilee Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization in Sneedville, TN.  We are a mission of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.

  • VISION – Jubilee Project envisions a world…where everyone has enough, where those who have more share with glad and generous hearts, and where those who have less find relief from oppression and hope for the future.

  • MISSION – In the name of Jesus Christ, helping the people of Hancock County, TN, meet their spiritual, economic, social and physical needs.

  • PURPOSE – Jubilee Project exists to reduce the oppression of poverty in Hancock County, TN.

  • CORE VALUES – Food Security, Shelter, Access to clean water, Health, Self-worth and Love.

Jubilee Project is an Advance Special through the Board of Global Ministries and the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Gifts may be received through the National Advance #781350 or Holston Conference #015.


Contact us


            Phone - 423-733-4195

            Fax – 423-733-1634

            P.O. Box 657, Sneedville, TN  37869

            Physical address – 197 N. Jockey Street, Sneedville, TN

            Email – jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com

            Facebook – Jubilee Project Inc.

            Website – jubileeproject.holston.org