David Graves, nominee for bishop, expresses gratitude after election

David Graves, nominee for bishop, expresses gratitude after election

David Graves (center) visits with Holston delegation members Randy Frye and Bob Lockaby during today's election.

July 19, 2012
Lake Junaluska, N.C.

To the People of the Holston Conference:

As the balloting for bishops in the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference has ended, I want to thank the people of Holston for your prayers, financial support, and encouragement these last 10 months. The voting dynamics of an Episcopal election are like none other, and five wonderful persons whom I have come to know and enjoy were elected yesterday and today in the Southeastern Jurisdiction.

As I look back, I feel I gave it my best to the very end. I have no regrets of how I ran the journey with integrity and trust in the system. Nancy and I have felt so loved and appreciated during this process. I have met hundreds of people and developed new relationships that enrich my life. It is relationships, not elections, that define us, so in Christ the best is always yet to come.

The Holston Conference is a wonderful place to live and do ministry. Now I look forward to returning to the Kingsport District and continuing my work as district superintendent. I am ready to work alongside my colleagues on the cabinet and with Holston’s new bishop. Regardless of my appointment in the church, it must always be about winning people to Christ, seeing people others do not see, transforming lives and changing the world.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the people of the Holston  Conference.

David Graves