2nd Day of Christmas: Tyner collects toys for sick children in remembrance of Amanda

2nd Day of Christmas: Tyner collects toys for sick children in remembrance of Amanda

Amanda Swartout (left) spent so much time in the hospital, she wanted to make Christmas more cheerful for other sick children.

Part 2 in our 12 Days of Christmas series

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Dec. 26, 2014) -- This Christmas, Tyner United Methodist Church collected 232 pounds of toys valued at more than $3,000 for patients on the neurological floor at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

LeBonheur is where Amanda Swartout had 10 brain and shunt surgeries during her 18-month battle with cancer. St. Jude patients with brain cancer receive inpatient care at LeBonheur. The neuro floor dedicated a toy closet in Amanda’s honor after her party in December  2010 at Tyner United Methodist  Church, when 150 pounds of toys were collected and sent to LeBonheur for Christmas.

Amanda spent so much time in the hospital and she especially wanted to make holidays a more cheerful time for patients. The patients on the neuro floor are of all ages, infant to young adult.

Amanda died at the age of 12 on April 19, 2011. Tyner UMC was so moved by Amanda’s desire to help other children struggling with health issues during their time in the hospital that we continue to this day carrying on Amanda’s dream. The toys are delivered to LeBonheur Hospital by her family.

The Rev. Charlie Harrison is senior pastor at Tyner.


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