See video of pastor going bald for a good cause: Imagine No Malaria

See video of pastor going bald for a good cause: Imagine No Malaria

The Rev. Stephen Yeaney gets a radical haircut while his congregation gets a good laugh.


To inspire his congregation at Oakland United Methodist Church to give $2,000 to Imagine No Malaria by Easter, the Rev. Stephen Yeaney at first proposed that he would jump from a silo into the nearby marina.

However, when a parishioner suggested the preacher should shave his head instead, church members liked that idea so much the deal was sealed.

On Easter Sunday, the last day of the challenge, Oakland had given a total of $2,700. However, the congregation didn't learn they had surpassed the $2,000 challenge until the Sunday after Easter when it was announced. "Then they brought out the barber chair," says Yeaney.

The pastor asked if others would make additional donations so they could qualify for a matching Holston Conference Foundation grant.

"Then I offered anyone that wished to contribute another $10 to have a chance at cutting a lock of my hair," Yeaney said. "My daughter Heather was the first in line for that. By the end of the day, we had raised $3,119."

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