Holston makes its mark at #UMCGC

Holston makes its mark at #UMCGC

Holston delegation met for prayer before plenary session at #UMCGC.

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Holston Conference was only one of 133 annual conferences participating in General Conference 2016, but the United Methodists from east Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and north Georgia were visible in Portland, Ore., during the May 10-20 mega meeting.

ALCOA, Tenn. (May 23, 2016) -- The 16-member Holston delegation prayed every morning in Oregon Convention Center. Photos and videos of their prayers on social media were shared throughout Holston as well as on the General Conference live stream page.
Below: Twitter Holston Conference@TheCall_Holston/ 10:48 a.m. / May 16, 2016
Holston delegation met for prayer before plenary session at #UMCGC

The Rev. David Graves joined other bishop nominees in speaking to delegates from the Southeastern Jurisdiction on May 17. Graves’ message was shared through video on the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference website (see below).


The Rev. Linda Stransky, executive director of Jubilee Project, was recommissioned as a Church and Community Worker with 28 other missionaries on May 19. The ceremony was covered by United Methodist News Service (see below) and is also on video.
Delegates Becky Hall and Rev. Sandra Johnson were elected officers of their respective legislative committees. Hall was vice-chair of a Global Ministries Committee sub-group, helping to present petitions before the committee vote. Johnson was elected secretary of the Local Church committee.
Becky Hall, Holston delegate and vice-chair of the Global Ministries subcommittee, presents petitions to the committee today at #UMCGC. (Cred: Betty Yeomans-Barton)

Among the results of her legislative committee's work is that One Great Hour of Sharing, occurring each spring, will be renamed "UMCOR Sunday," Hall said. The General Conference vote on this action was 729 to 32.

Karen Wright, Del Holley, and Sandra Johnson took their turns behind the microphone during high-profile plenary sessions.
Wright proposed an amendment calling for transparency in using Rule 44, which later was voted down. Holley said he rose to correct another delegate's motion to amend during a debate on the Rules of Order.
Holston delegates participate in the discussion to set procedure rules for General Conference. Here are James Del Holley and Karen Wright at the mic. #umcgc (Cred: Daniel Ogle, Clayton Hensley)

The Rev. Wil Cantrell, delegate, wrote a daily blog about proceedings and his observations, winning a large readership in Holston and beyond. See WilCantrell.com.

Delegate Emily Ballard participated in a press-conference panel on Imagine No Malaria success and the introduction of an expanded global health initiative, “Abundant Health.” Ballard talked about her role and witness as a former Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM) president in 2013, when Holston raised more than $1.2 million to help defeat malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. The press conference and celebratory worship were covered in a UMNS report.
Emily Ballard (far right) is participating in an Imagine No Malaria press conference panel right now at #UMCGC
 Corrina Sisk-Casson, along with Mitzi Sadler-Thorne, spent a few days in Portland as Deaconess Home Missioner candidates completing their Polity and Doctrine class requirements. (See related story). Betty Yeomans-Barton was recruited by the General Council on Finance and Administration to serve as a recorder in the Global Missions legislative committees.

Bishop James Swanson, Holston’s former resident bishop, currently serving the Mississippi Conference, preached to the General Conference about evil on May 18. His image, by UMNS photographer Paul Jeffrey, was viewed by more than 22,400 people on Holston’s Facebook page.
"It's all right for you to plot to win, but it's not all right to use the weapons of Satan against God's people." -- Bishop James Swanson had delegates on their feet this morning at #UMCGC! (Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS)
Swanson's message is available in video and was covered by UMNS.

On May 19, after two days of tension related to schism rumors and sexuality decisions, 864 delegates from all over the world arrived at their work tables to find the gift of pocket prayer shawls from Holston Conference.
The symbols of love and fellowship seemed to arrive at the perfect time.
Rev. Eddie Rivera, New Mexico delegation, holds pocket prayer shawl from Holston! #umcgc #gc2016

Holston's gift to #UMCGC delegates: Pocket prayer shawls are on your table!
The symbols of love and fellowship seemed to arrive at the perfect time.
General Conference is The United Methodist Church's top legislative body, meeting May 10-20 in Portland, Ore. Holston Conference includes 887 United Methodist congregations in east Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and north Georgia.
For complete coverage of General Conference, see United Methodist Communications. For Holston's coverage, see TheCall.Holston.org.