Children's choir will attend school for one year, through love offerings from Holston churches

Children's choir will attend school for one year, through love offerings from Holston churches

After singing at Annual Conference in June, the Hope for Africa Children's Choir toured Holston Conference June 23 through July 2. Nine concerts were given at nine locations, most in Holston churches. Audiences gave love offerings at each performance.

On Friday, Sept. 5, the conference treasurer's office mailed a $45,645 check to the General Board of Global Ministries. The funds will be forwarded to the East Africa Annual Conference to provide education for the 23 members of the Hope for Africa Children’s Choir.

"This check represents the offerings taken at the nine locations in Holston at which the children sang during their tour," Anne Travis reported to the Cabinet and hosting churches in a recent e-mail.

"Thank you again to each of you and to your churches for hosting these precious children while they were in our midst. The Holston offerings taken during those 10 days represent enough money to send all 23 children in the choir to school for one year."

The funds were in excess after expenses for the choir's travel and accommodations were covered, said Travis, Holston director of connectional ministries. The children will attend Humble School in Uganda.

In a recent letter to Bishop James Swanson of Holston Conference, Bishop Daniel Wandabula of the East Africa Conference expressed gratitude for Holston's ongoing generosity.

"We are especially grateful to the individuals, families, and churches who hosted, fed, and transported the members of the choir," Wandabula said.

"We are equally grateful to all the people who attended the concerts, at the different venues, and who were able to make love offerings to the children's choir. The sacrifices made in terms of time and resources are a major contribution towards the orphans and vulnerable children's ministry in East Africa."

To learn more about the Hope for Africa Children's Choir, visit's "Singing Songs of Sweet Salvation" site.