Another Mustard Tree Ministry story: The prodigal son graduates

Another Mustard Tree Ministry story: The prodigal son graduates

Destin Sizemore celebrates his graduation from Brown University with his father, Robbie Sizemore, at his side. Mustard Tree Ministries of Chattanooga helped Robbie make the trip to Providence, R.I. to be with his son. (Photo courtesy of Barry Kidwell)

By David Cook/ Chattanooga Times Free Press

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (May 17, 2015) -- In 2011, Destin Sisemore, the smartest kid in high school, was walking across the Lake-view-Fort Oglethorpe graduation stage with valedictory honors and five offers from Ivy League universities.

But his dad was nowhere to be found.

Robbie Sisemore was stoned, strung out, guttered-up, many miles away.

"In a bad place," he said.

For too long, Sisemore had been traveling through the barrooms of life. It started at Fort Campbell, Ky., when Sisemore, 39, was part of the 101st Rapid Deployment unit in the U.S. Army.

He needed a little pick-me-up.

"Here," a guy said. "Do this."

It was cocaine.

Over the years, his habit ate up all his money. So Robbie turned to another drug -- cheaper and easier to find.

"Meth," said Robbie.

It has cost him so much. Family. Friends. Jobs. His freedom. And his son's heart.

"He graduated from high school, with honors, as valedictorian, and I totally missed it," said Robbie.

In one week, Destin graduates again. This time, from college.


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