Beaver Ridge celebrates 200th anniversary

Beaver Ridge celebrates 200th anniversary

By Lisa Howard

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (June 30, 2015) -- On May 3, Beaver Ridge United Methodist Church celebrated a tremendous milestone, the 200th anniversary of the congregation.

Hundreds of past and present members and pastors of Beaver Ridge gathered for the special service of celebration that began with one of the oldest and youngest members of the church ringing the bell that once hung at the old church building. The special service combined the whole church in one joint service and enjoyed having the Oak Ridge District superintendent, Rev. Adam McKee, delivering a powerful message entitled, "We Have Come This Far By Faith."

Beaver Ridge members were invited to celebrate the various time periods of history the church had witnessed by dressing up in clothing from different eras. Everything from Southern belle dresses to poodle skirts was represented in the congregation. The resident historian for Beaver Ridge, Barbara Stevens, collected historical pictures and documents to have on display during and after the service, and members were delighted to see how far their church has come.

After the service, the congregation enjoyed fellowship with a potluck lunch. It was a wonderful celebration of a church that has traveled to different sites and buildings in Karns, but continues to thrive and focus on their love for the Lord.

Lisa Howard is director of youth ministries and communications at Beaver Ridge.