Bishop Taylor announces change in D.S. appointments

Bishop Taylor announces change in D.S. appointments

May 2, 2107

To our brothers and sisters in Holston Conference,

In response to the urgent demands upon our Conference created by limited financial resources and further proposed cuts to our budget, the Cabinet determined that we could provide an immediate and short-term benefit by reducing the number of District Superintendents appointed at this session of Annual Conference for the 2017-2018 Conference year.

Upon thoughtful and prayerful consideration, the Cabinet determined that the appointment of nine district superintendents would be in the best interest of Holston Conference.

Since we still have 12 districts, this will mean that some district superintendents will concurrently serve more than one district. I am pleased to announce that this proposal was unanimously approved by all district superintendents, and we appreciate the willingness of those district superintendents who will be serving more than one district to accommodate these additional administrative responsibilities.

Although the decision to reduce the number of district superintendents at this Annual Conference was a decision made by the Holston Conference Cabinet and was separate and independent from the work of the Conference Strategy Team, the necessity of having to take this action now underscores the importance of having a comprehensive strategic vision for the future of Holston Conference where circumstances requiring urgent action will no longer be necessary.

The Holston Conference Cabinet is committed to making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, and we affirm that the changes outlined in the Conference Strategy Team report will help us move into the future in a way that affirms the mission and ministry of the Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church.


Grace and peace,


Resident Bishop
Holston Annual Conference


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