Bishop Taylor closes churches until further notice due to virus spread

Bishop Taylor closes churches until further notice due to virus spread

March 18 update:

Bishop Dindy Taylor has closed Holston churches until further notice.

"The good news is medical experts know social distancing is helping slow the spread of the virus. The bad news is it is still spreading," she said. "Like you, we follow the news with great anticipation for the day when we can gather together in person to worship our risen Lord."

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March 13 letter:
Bishop Taylor clarifies: Cancellation for 2 weeks is mandatory

Dear Holston Friends,

Regarding my message yesterday, there seems to be confusion on what I tried to say in the announcement about cancelling worship services and church meetings due to the coronavirus. The decision was prayerfully made to cancel worship services across the three states that make up Holston Conference. To clarify yesterday’s announcement, the decision is unanimous and mandatory for at least two weeks. This decision was made to protect the lives of you and your family, your congregation, and your neighbors. Social distancing prevents the spread of this deadly virus. Because we don’t gather in the building does not mean that the body of Christ is not still active and doing God’s work.
This is an opportunity for creative ministry. How can we care for our neighbors? Be aware of the needs of the people around you and how you can offer Christ during a challenging pandemic.
May God’s grace, mercy, and peace sustain us throughout these days. 

Grace and peace,

Dindy Taylor
Resident Bishop
Holston Conference of
The United Methodist Church