Bishop Taylor calls Holston to pray for South Sudan (Jan. 8)

Bishop Taylor calls Holston to pray for South Sudan (Jan. 8)


January 8, 2014

Dear Members of the Holston United Methodist family,

You are dearly loved by God and called to be God’s people.
Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am writing to ask you as the covenant community of faith to join together and pray for our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Right now, the situation in South Sudan is critical. Although peace negotiations are being attempted, the fighting in parts of the country continues. Too many have been killed. Precious, innocent people have been displaced from their homes and are fleeing to safety.

The Holston Conference has been in ministry with the people of South Sudan since 2006. During this time, God has worked mightily, and we have witnessed numerous miracles as so many lives have been touched and transformed.

Your generosity has provided clean water, built churches, supported education, assisted with healthcare, provided Grace Home for 26 vulnerable children, and so much more. Through your gifts and presence, you have been a source of strength, encouragement and hope.

Now the peace and progress of the last several years is threatened. As darkness appears to be progressing, it is critical that the light of Jesus Christ continues to shine brightly through the witness of the Church.

In view of this new reality and in consultation with the General Board of Global Ministries, Fred and Libby Dearing, and the South Sudan Advisory Team, I ask the people of the Holston Conference to join me in a time of fervent and deliberate prayer. Beginning right now, please hold our brothers and sisters of South Sudan in your heart and pray for stability, unity and peace.

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As we pray, I am confident that God who began this good work through you will be faithful to complete it.

Grace and peace,

Dindy Taylor
Resident Bishop