The Call 2 breaks new ground with weekly e-mail

The Call 2 breaks new ground with weekly e-mail

One regular reader called it the “one-two punch.”

When The Call 2 weekly e-mail debuted on Wednesday, Jan. 9, readers could quickly see that it was more timely, interactive, and quicker to read than the newspaper. Now that The Call is published as an expanded monthly tabloid, some are also realizing that both the e-mail and newspaper are necessary to receive complete news and information from Holston Conference.

For instance, the popular “Reading List” column will now be included in the e-mail only, while “MyDistrict” will remain a newspaper feature. “District Roundup” will appear both in print and online, while some exclusive stories will not be repeated in both formats.

Currently, The Call 2’s subscription base includes about 5,000 e-mail addresses. The Call newspaper is printed and mailed by postal service to about 5,500 readers. A conference communications goal is to reach more of the 167,000 members in Holston’s 910 churches through the weekly e-mail, which can be produced with less financial and environmental cost.

Pastors and church members are encouraged to invite their congregations to sign up for a free e-mail subscription. Board members of Holston-related institutions are also invited. Visit