Quick news, when you're in a hurry

Although it grieves us, we realize you won’t always have time to read THE CALL 2 from beginning to end.

And yet, we know that some information provided in this weekly e-mail could be helpful to you and your church group.

For those busy days, we’ve created Call-Out, which is nothing more than an 8 ½- by 11-inch sheet of paper with the week’s most pressing information from Holston Conference and the United Methodist Church. Call-Out will also contain lectionary readings for the following two Sundays.

Always look for the Call-Out link at the top left of the e-mail, just under THE CALL 2 banner, next to “Pray Now.”

Click on Call-Out, download, print, put it on your desk … and then follow up on the information later, when you have more time.

Try the first Call-Out now. (It’s a PDF.)