Change for Children: 8 groups receive $16,920 in grants

Change for Children: 8 groups receive $16,920 in grants

Change for Children offerings are collected and celebrated at Annual Conference.


Seven local churches and one community center were recipients in the most recent round of Change for Children grants, the Holston Conference Children’s Ministry Team recently announced.

Checks totaling $16,920 have been mailed to the following children's ministry groups:

* Anderson Street UMC (Abingdon District) -- $1,970
* Bethlehem Center (Chattanooga District) -- $2,500
* Brooks Memorial UMC (Chattanooga District) -- $2,500
* Bearden UMC (Knoxville District) -- $1,500
* Central UMC (Knoxville District) -- $2,500
* Carpenters UMC (Maryville District) -- $950
* Russellville UMC (Morristown District) -- $2,500
* Jordan’s Chapel UMC (Wytheville District) -- $2,500

Change for Children funds are collected by Holston churches throughout the  year and used to support children's ministries, according to Gaye King, associate director of connectional ministries. "The grant guidelines call for all of the ministries to support new and existing ministries with economically disadvantaged children and their families."

Holston churches have given a total $32,618 to Change for Children in 2013. Half is designated for ministries within Holston; the other half is designated for children's ministry in Africa. For the last two years, the Africa portion has been directed to Imagine No Malaria, King said.

Change for Children grants are awarded twice annually, with application deadlines on Feb. 15 and April 15. 

"For those who would like to apply for funds in 2014, we request that they read the guidelines carefully, and that they make sure all necessary information and required signatures are provided by the grant deadline," King said.

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