Cleaning buckets needed for UMCOR by Aug. 31

Cleaning buckets needed for UMCOR by Aug. 31

Members of the Holston Annual Conference form an assembly-line effort to pack buckets with cleaning supplies. 2011 file photo by Buzz Trexler

By Jim Fetzer

Following the recent large disasters in the U.S., the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has nearly depleted their depot supplies of relief kits and cleaning buckets.

In the past Holston Conference has been a great supporter of supplying cleaning buckets to UMCOR. Our goal this time is 475 buckets, to be collected by Aug. 31.

We are calling on individuals, Sunday school classes, and all Holston Conference women's, men's, youth, and couple's groups to support this effort. Visit the UMCOR web page for the list of supplies contained in each cleaning bucket. Purchase the supplies and bucket and assemble the buckets. Writing a check to help pay for the transportation of buckets assembled is a great help, too.

Contact your district office for the Disaster Response Coordinator who is collecting buckets in your district.

In lieu of collecting and assembling cleaning buckets yourself, UMCOR will accept donations. Make the check to "Holston Conference" with "Cleaning Buckets" on the memo line. Send to: Disaster Response Coordinator, Holston Conference, P.O. Box 850, Alcoa, TN 37701. You may also give online to UMCOR.

Jim Fetzer is Holston Conference disaster response coordinator.