Conference Strategy Team continues 'discovery process' for missional vision

Conference Strategy Team continues 'discovery process' for missional vision

The Conference Strategy Team discusses ways to share information during a Dec. 1 meeting at the Alcoa Center.


ALCOA, Tenn. (Dec. 2, 2015) -- After a year of study, a team led by Bishop Dindy Taylor is taking the next steps in organizing Holston Conference for the best strategic position to make disciples. 

The purpose of the “Conference Strategy Team” is to develop Holston’s missional vision and to “understand how that vision impacts the way our conference is organized,” according to the Rev. Rusty Taylor, director of congregational development and revitalization. 

In the last several weeks, the team has shared information with the conference staff, Board of Ordained Ministry, Council on Finance and Administration, Board of Trustees, Board of Laity, and United Methodist Women, Taylor said.

The upcoming Clergy Gathering, to be held Feb. 23, 2016, in Pigeon Forge, will focus on the conference strategy proposals.

The Conference Strategy Team's work is “not driven by finances,” Taylor said, “but by the missional vision of the Annual Conference to make disciples.” Listening sessions for larger groups are planned for early 2016. 

“It’s not a secret. We’re not trying to keep it from people. It’s a process of discovery this team is trying to work through, and we want to share information with and receive input from as many groups as we can across the conference,” Taylor said.

Team members include: Rick Cherry, Mike Eastridge, Becky Hall, Rev. Don Hanshew, Del Holley, Leanna Johnson, Rev. Sandra Johnson, Rev. Charles Maynard, Rev. Micah Nicolaus, Rev. Mike Sluder, Lori Sluder, Rev. Rusty Taylor, Bishop Dindy Taylor, Sue Weber, and Rev. Jeff Wright.