Hillsville, Alcoa, Maryville, Knoxville: Each of Holston's church starts have different styles

Hillsville, Alcoa, Maryville, Knoxville: Each of Holston's church starts have different styles

The Rev. Richard Edwards, Holston director of congregational development and revitalization, recently reported to the Cabinet on four new church starts.

Out of the Box ...

in Wytheville District is the second campus for First Hillsville United Methodist Church. Born out of a youth ministry that began in a downtown storefront, the new worship service launched Jan. 1, 2011,with 118 in attendance.

By March 13, a second service was started from the same site, for a combined total of about 240 by early April. Easter worship attendance for Out of the Box was263. The Rev. Ronnie Collins is pastor.

Cokesbury West ...

begun in September 2009, now averages in the high 400s for worship attendance. According to the Rev. Steve Sallee, the congregation currently meeting at Hardin Valley Academy is the second largest of Cokesbury's five worship services.

Cokesbury UMC is a Knoxville District church, while Cokesbury West is located within Oak Ridge District boundaries. Led by Paul Jones, the Cokesbury West praise band has appeared at Annual Conference and the Holston Evangelism Conference.

The Remedy ...

was "parented" by Fairview United Methodist Church in fall 2008. The Maryville District congregation has a worship attendance in the 60s and a strong mission outreach, based in Alcoa. Led by the Rev. Jeremy LaDuke, The Remedy has received national attention for breaking the mold and reaching younger people.

  • See "Young evangelists reach out at bars, block parties" (UMNS, 9/23/09)

Sycamore Tree UMC ...

is the oldest of Holston's church starts, launched in 2002, chartered in December 2010. The Maryville District church currently has 155 in worship and is nearing completion of the second floor of the building, with a target date of May, according to the Rev. Jeff Wadley. A new worship leader begins at Sycamore Tree UMC on May 15.