Construction volunteers needed in north Georgia

Construction volunteers needed in north Georgia

From Rev. Reece Fauscett, senior pastor of Trenton UMC, Chattanooga District:

In Trenton, Ga., we are within two months of finishing our recovery process that began in May 2011. All our remaining major work is fully funded. However, we need volunteers to finish construction of three remaining houses.

These houses are complete construction projects, from footers to roof. We are blessed to have a construction foreman who does this full-time as his ministry, so all volunteers are assured of a meaningful and productive volunteer trip. Everything is laid out, on-site, and just needs hammering and sawing.

Our foreman leaves us May 31 to go to the next recovery project, so we need volunteers from now until May 31. Volunteers may individuals or groups. Trenton UMC offers free housing, kitchen facilities, and showers for all volunteers.

Please share this information so that we can get enough people to complete this recovery work. To volunteer, email or call Brenda Wheeler at (423) 309-5494.

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