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Cover Stories:


U.S. conferences vote against restructure

A UMNS Report
By Linda Green and Elizabeth Guye

United Methodists in the U.S. have largely voted against 23 proposed amendments that would change the structure of the church, but voting is ongoing in Africa, Europe and the Philippines.

The amendments, proposed as changes to the denomination’s constitution, would pave the way for making the U.S. church one of several regional bodies around the world.

During U.S. annual conference sessions in May and June, church members also voted against an amendment to make membership in the church open to everyone without regard to sexual orientation.

Forty-four of the 62 U.S. conferences reported the results of their amendment votes to Newscope and United Methodist News Service as part of their annual wrap-ups of conference action. Eighteen conferences did not report their results on the amendments. Read complete text


Hiwassee responds to latest setback

A UMNS Report
By Linda Green

The University Senate voted June 25 to "delist" the two-year college in Madisonville, Tenn., as an approved United Methodist-related educational institution because of “the lack of proper academic accreditation.”

The 160-year-old college, which has experienced sharp enrollment declines in recent years, is appealing the decision. The senate will consider the request at its Jan. 21-22 meeting.

"Hiwassee will remain listed during the reconsideration process," said Marianne E. Inman, senate president and president of United Methodist-related Central Methodist University in Fayette, Mo. The senate is a 25-member body of professionals in higher education that determines the relationship of academic and theological institutions to The United Methodist Church. Read complete text