Discipleship: Questions that lead to discovery

Discipleship: Questions that lead to discovery


ALCOA, Tenn. (Aug. 29, 2018) -- As the associate director of connectional ministries for discipleship within the Holston Conference, I have responsibilities that include working with pastors and congregations as we fulfill our mission to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” My focus for discipleship ministries is fourfold:


Intentional: How do we personally and corporately live a life of intentional discipleship? What are the five principles of discipleship that move our congregations from membership to discipleship? 

Relational: What are ways that we root our discipleship in a deep love for all people? How do we create a culture of invitation? How do we rediscover the art of relationships in our neighborhoods? How are we both a Matthew 25 and Matthew 28 congregation? 

Systemic: What are Jesus’ great “C’s” of discipleship? How do we become a congregation that is both attractional and missional? How do we strategically create a path for persons from cradle to grave to grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ? 

Transformational: How do congregational disciples engage others to follow Jesus? How do we align our ministries to God’s vision to be fruitful? How do we develop adaptive and generative leaders? Help! How do we navigate change and transformation? 


If these questions pique your interest, I invite you to join the conversation. Over the next several months, The Call will include a regular column exploring these areas of discipleship in depth. I invite you to email me your stories, questions, and thoughts. 

I also invite you to be part of a community of practice so that we might learn from one another, share resources, and further create ways to nurture and develop fruitful, transforming disciples of Jesus Christ for our communities and the world. Please let me know if you would like your name added to this list of persons interested in talking, learning, and putting into practice methods that grow disciples of Jesus Christ. 

I am also available to provide training and resources for your congregation as you seek to nurture and become a disciple-maker. Please email or call me so that we can create a workshop or training for your local congregation or a cluster of congregations that fits your context and your questions, needs, and concerns.

The Rev. Susan Groseclose is associate director of connectional ministries for discipleship, available at susangroseclose@holston.org or 865-690-4080.


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