Evangelism List

Evangelism List

We asked these participants in the Holston Evangelism Conference, "What's the first thing you'll do about evangelism in YOUR church?"

Rev. Tony Collins
Loudon UMC
Maryville District
"We have a new committee that will meet Wednesday afternoon to talk about what we've learned. A priority for us is hospitality -- making people feel more welcome. We're also going to look at the needs in our community."

Rev. John Crabtree
Jacksboro UMC
Oak Ridge District
"Our first step is to get a new church sign -- to let people know what's going on. We already have outreach ministries, but no one knows it."

Debra Hall
Fries UMC
Wytheville District
"I'm going to organize an 'overview' class to share some of the dreams and visions I've heard about this weekend."

Randy Ruble
Rural Retreat UMC
Wytheville District
"We're going to sit down and discuss our game plan. We've already set 10 goals, but we're going to focus on being more open -- to meet the people where they are."

Bonnie Russell
Woodlawn UMC
Wytheville District
"I've already been sending five cards a week to the inactive members. I'm going to keep doing that and also find ways to publicize our ministries to the community."

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