Finish this sentence: The best food I ever ate at my church was ...

Finish this sentence: The best food I ever ate at my church was ...


Yes, the United States has a problem with eating -- in most cases, eating too much.

Yet there is no denying the comfortable connection with church "covered-dish dinners" and unforgettable food experiences.
We recently asked our Facebook followers to finish this sentence: "The best food I ever ate at my church was ..." Here's what they said.

Joe Shirley: Banana pudding, of course. It's a denominational requirement. Go ahead, check the Discipline ... I'll wait.

Cindy Sayne-Shepard: Our annual Thanksgiving dinner that Ms. Barb cooks

Jim Gass: The pulled pork at the annual choir barbecue at Middlebrook Pike United Methodist Church

Jim Gass: And at my current church, any breakfast cooked by the youth group at Broadway United Methodist Church in Maryville, Tenn.

Catherine Clark Nance: Gaudie Smith's rolls at my home church, Brainerd United Methodist Church, Chattanooga. She would let the children come into the kitchen and eat the first batch of rolls right out of the pan AFTER brushing them with melted butter.

Susan Arnold: Communion. Holy blessings at the table of the King.

Betty J. Newman: Apparently my chicken 'n dumplins. I usually make two huge pots and when we're finished, there's nothing left but the smell.

Gabrielle Blake: Miss Pat's chicken and dumplings. Yum! Faith United Methodist Church in Knoxville

Ginny West Case: Mama's pot pie and chocolate buttermilk cake

Laura Trent:  Donna's caramel apple cake. It was like eating candy.

Lori Brinkley Sluder: Choir Potatoes (potato casserole). The best ever.

Brett Burris: Brunch with my Sunday School class

Eric Doolittle: Apple Stack Cakes from the United Methodist Women at Arthur United Methodist Church.

Pat Tipton: Mrs. Elsie's rolls at Salem United Methodist Church

Sarah Slack: Spinach lasagna

Ashley Johnson: Auburn United Methodist Church's annual Fat Tuesday pancake supper

Edith Clayton Jones: Bernice's homemade yeast rolls hot out of the oven

Cindy Curry: The old-time Sunday dinner on the ground at homecoming at the little church I grew up in. Don't remember anything that wasn't good, but I guess fried chicken was my favorite.

Ottalee Smith Winegar: Madeline Rawl's yellow cake with caramel icing at Red Bank about 1968. I still remember it!

Patsy Holland Arlie: Herron's saffron rice dish at Ooltewah United Methodist Church

Stephen Burkhart: Ms. Ginny's chicken-salad sandwiches and vegetable soup at George Street United Methodist Church

Bob Joyce: Whatever my wife chooses to cook for Wednesday-night dinner at Beaver Ridge United Methodist Church

Nancy Tomlinson Hobbs: Geneva Kelly's deviled eggs would have to be on the list.

Randy Loudermilk Jennings: Neeld's barbecue crockpot beans at First United Methodist Church of Copperhill, Tenn.

Teresa Babb: The Lord's supper

Tara Scarborough: Beulah Stringer's chocolate cake

Dennis Loy: Baklava from Melanie Gorghis and Chocolate and Coconut Pie from Linda Honeycutt, both at Noe's Chapel United Methodist Church. Both consumed this month.

Linda Honeycutt: Homemade banana pudding from Mary Edith Noe