General Conference news: Here it is, quick and easy

General Conference news: Here it is, quick and easy

Media coverage of General Conference 2008 was more extensive and accessible than ever. United Methodist Communications provided a Web site with updated news reports, transcripts, audiovisuals, legislative tracking, a photo gallery, and many other resources. Holston Conference Communications provided its own online reports and photos.

But with so much coverage, many readers had trouble finding the quick, easy news. ("I don't want to read about the prayer room. What did they actually do?") Here are selected stories and sites providing highlights of what happened at General Conference 2008, held April 23-May 2 in Fort Worth, Texas:


Holston coverage at
Daily on-site updates from the Holston angle, with photos of Holston members during the final four (and most intense) days of General Conference

UMNS daily wrap-up stories

Selected UMNS stories (actions):