Holston ministry leaders grateful for "Giving Tuesday" results

Holston ministry leaders grateful for "Giving Tuesday" results

The Rev. Michelle McKinnon-Young (right) leads the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Prague, which received a total $7,090 on "Giving Tuesday."


Jubilee Project in Sneedville, Tenn., received $5,130.

Ishe Anesu Project in Zimbabwe received $3,430.

Project Crossroads in Marion, Va., received $586.

On Dec. 3, the first-ever United Methodist “Giving Tuesday” generated a record $6.5 million online for some 880 projects and missionaries. Nearly 11,000 donors in 34 countries gave to missions and ministries under The Advance umbrella, according to the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).

Since then, many Holston beneficiaries and donors have learned how their projects fared during the massive fundraiser.

Most were surprised their donations or favorite projects didn't receive a piece of the $500,000 in matching grants, offered by the GBGM as a giving incentive.  

“I was told by a representative of GBGM that over $1 million was given through the website in the first hour and that the matching funds were gone in the first 10 minutes,” said Betty Barton.

Like many others, Barton stayed up late to make her donation in the first few minutes after midnight on Dec. 3. Her favorite project is the English-Speaking United Methodist Church in Prague, Czech Republic.

“I was very disappointed to learn we didn't get our [donations] logged in time, but happy for all the ministries that did receive matching funds and thankful for all that donated money for ESUMC,” Barton said.

Led by the Rev. Michelle McKinnon-Young of Holston Conference, the Prague ministry received a total $7,090 on Dec. 3, according to the GBGM’s gift-tracking web page. Most of the givers were from Holston Conference churches.

Jubilee Project’s total of $5,130 was culled from 43 separate gifts, at least half from Holston churches, according to the GBGM site. The Rev. Marta Cogburn, interim director, was notified that no gifts had been matched (although one donor reported her $100 gift to Jubilee had been matched).

“While I certainly would have been pleased with matching funds, I am thankful for all who made donations that day,” Cogburn said. “Jubilee Project will do its best to be good stewards of every gift.”

A list from GBGM shows that 97 United Methodist ministries received matching grants on Dec. 3. Those ministries most related to Holston Conference included Henderson Settlement, Imagine No Malaria, Appalachian Service Project, and Hinton Rural Life Center.

Henderson Settlement received $10,400 in matching grants for a total “Giving Tuesday” income of $78,165, according to Mike Feely, mission advancement director. Henderson Settlement has campuses in Frakes, Ky., and White Oak, Tenn.

Appalachian Service Project (based in Johnson City, Tenn.) received a matching grant of $10,000. Imagine No Malaria received a matching grant of $2,500. Hinton Rural Life (in Hayesville, N.C.) received a matching grant of $1,500.


Donations to South Sudan were grouped according to various projects.

For example, South Sudan Shalom Ministry for Orphan Care received a total $775, including a $500 gift from a church member at Pikeville United Methodist Church in Holston’s Chattanooga District.

Yei Community-Based Healthcare Program received $2,000, including a $1,500 gift from a church member at Asbury United Methodist Church in Greeneville, Tenn.

Church and Community Workers assigned to Holston Conference received varying donation sizes on Dec. 3. Mark Stransky of Project Crossroads received $1,345 -- $1,175 from donors at Beaver Ridge United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tenn.

Brooke Atchley of Holston’s Tazewell District received $210. Koni Purscell of Big Stone Gap District Church & Community Renewal received $25.

In all, Holston church members gave a total $63,655 on Dec. 3 to missions in varying amounts. The GBGM site shows that $10,000 was donated to Global Mission Undesignated from First Maryville (Tenn.) United Methodist Church. A church member from Seymour (Tenn.) United Methodist donated $25  for Hope Center of Latvia . 

The Rev. Carol Wilson, executive assistant to the bishop, said the emphasis should be on the $6.5 million total given to United Methodist ministries in one day.

“That was far beyond what could be matched but made a huge difference in the income for a number of our missions,” she said. “It was one more piece of evidence that we can come through in phenomenal ways when we put our hearts and minds into it.”

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Annette Spence

Annette Spence is editor of The Call, the Holston Conference newspaper.