Historical change for conference communications

Historical change for conference communications

In a show of support for financial and environmental stewardship, the Communications Staff is announcing dramatic changes for Holston’s official newspaper and weekly e-mail publication.

Beginning in January 2008, The Call newspaper will be published as a monthly 12-page tabloid instead of bi-weekly eight-page tabloid.

Also in January 2008, the “Wednesday on the Web” e-mail newsletter will be renamed and revamped into a weekly spin-off from the newspaper. The new e-mail newsletter will be named, The Call2.

The Call newspaper will continue to be mailed by postal carrier to current subscribers. Paying subscribers will automatically have their subscriptions extended for the number of issues for which they have paid. The cost for the newspaper remains $15 per year for paying subscribers. (Subscriptions for all clergy and some church officers are provided through the conference budget.)

The Call2 will be provided free to current subscribers of The Call newspaper who have e-mail addresses listed with their district offices. (All church officers and clergy: Contact your district office soon to be sure your e-mail is available and current.)

The Call2 will also be provided free to “Wednesday on the Web” subscribers.

Those without subscriptions to either publication may receive The Call2 free by signing up at www.thecalltwo.holston.org. Pastors are encouraged to tell parishioners about the new e-mail newsletter, which will provide some ministry news from The Call newspaper as well as exclusive articles geared for the “people in the pews.”

Reducing the number of issues printed per year from 26 to 12 – and the number of pages printed from 208 to 144 – will save trees as well as high costs for paper and postage, said the Rev. Ron Matthews, Holston Conference director of communications.

"These changes reflect our commitment to be responsible stewards, while continuing to provide vital communication for the people of Holston Conference,” Matthews said. “It is a win-win situation for our readers and for the conference budget.”

For more information, e-mail thecall@holston.org.