Holston's Roy Howard receives 2012 Ministry of Memory Award

Holston's Roy Howard receives 2012 Ministry of Memory Award

The Rev. Roy Howard (center) receives the Ministry of Memory Award with congratula- tions from the Rev. Grady Winegar (left) and Daniel Stimson (right).

By Grady Winegar

The Rev. Roy L. Howard, Holston Conference historian, has received the 2012 Ministry of Memory Award from the Historical Society of the United Methodist Church.

The award ceremony took place at the joint meeting of the Northeastern Jurisdiction Historical Society and the general Historical Society at Gettsburg United Methodist Church in Gettysburg, Pa., on May 15. The Rev. Grady Winegar, chair of the Holston Commission on Archives and History, introduced Howard with biographical remarks and a summary of his work.

This is the first Ministry of Memory Award to be presented to someone in the Southeastern Jurisdiction. Howard was ordained an elder in 1956 and retired in 1995, having served appointments across Holston. His body of work in historical concerns is impressive. He has spent countless hours in research on the smallest details of names and dates and places.

He has known the historian's solitude, but he has also distinguished himself through social networking with local church committees, the Holston Commission on Archives and History, and the Historical Society. He has been an eager participant in jurisdictional expressions of the Commission and the Society.

Elected Holston Conference historian in 2007, he handles a steady stream of historical inquiries with genuine concern. His research projects include local church and district histories, institutional history, biographical studies, women's studies, ethnic studies, closed churches, historical church publications, history of the Holston Commission, history of Bishop Ray Chamberlain's episcopacy in Holston, and other compelling subjects.

Winegar stated, "I am thankful for Roy's contributions to our ministry of memory. The more we know about the history of our people and places and events from the past, the more we can understand ourselves in the present and fortify ourselves for the future God wants to give."