Sky high: Holston continues to celebrate No Malaria victories

Sky high: Holston continues to celebrate No Malaria victories

Rev. Brad Hyde jumps from an airplane to celebrate his congregation's gift to Imagine No Malaria. (Photo by Matt Park)


In the same weekend, Holston Conference added two more chapters to the ongoing success story of "Imagine No Malaria."

In Lake Junaluska, N.C., the Holston Conference United Methodist Women (UMW) gathered for their annual meeting Sept. 14-15 and celebrated a year-long collection of $14,086 for the malaria-fighting, global-health campaign.

The UMW offering pushed Holston's total giving to Imagine No Malaria beyond $1.2 million, according to LeRae Collins, campaign coordinator.

Lynice Broyles, Holston UMW dean of Christian mission, said that all of Holston's 12 districts were represented in the offering. "We still have one more quarter of giving to apply to this also."

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In Dandridge, Tenn., four staff members from Kodak United Methodist Church jumped from an airplane Sept. 14 to celebrate $3,700 collected for Imagine No Malaria during the month of May.

The Rev. Brad Hyde, senior pastor; Travis Wills, worship coordinator; Patsy Dalton, director of children's ministries; and Gretchen Weir, praise team member, made good on a promise to take a flying leap after the Kodak congregation exceeded a $3,000 challenge goal in May.

The congregation had already given $4,500 prior to May, Hyde said. The Sept. 14 jump with Skydive East Tennessee was observed by about 40 church members -- from the ground.

"The hardest part was putting my foot out on the step at 12,000 feet," Hyde said. 

Hyde shared his experience with his Kodak, Tenn., congregation during worship on Sept. 15.

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