Jesus is Coming: An Advent Prayer of Confession

Jesus is Coming: An Advent Prayer of Confession

LORD, you know that the time we've spent away from you has been filled with turmoil, disappointment, frustration, heartache and despair.

We have forgotten all about being blameless and turning the other cheek. We gave in to urges to be petty, spiteful and hurtful; and while "telling like it is" sure felt good at the time, we now find ourselves empty, confused and ashamed. Today, we come here for Sabbath, for rest, refreshment and renewal.

Lord, we want to be sanctified and holy; we do. We want to be kind, to hold on to the good and encourage and greet each other in love, but you're going to have to help us -- a lot. Fill our mouths with praise and laughter, our hearts with joy and peace, and our souls with quiet satisfaction.

This is our prayer.


From: Jesus Is Coming; Things Are Going to Be Different: A 21st Century Africana Worship Resource For the Third Sunday of Advent, Year B (December 14, 2008). Provided by the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship