Johnson City teen: Resurrection inspires many to 'cry their hearts out to Christ'

Johnson City teen: Resurrection inspires many to 'cry their hearts out to Christ'

On Jan. 18-20 and Jan. 25-27, more than 12,000 youth and counselors gather in Gatlinburg, Tenn., for Resurrection, Holston Conference's annual spiritual weekend for teens. Here's what one participant wrote of her experience.

Resurrection 2008 was the best Resurrection I have ever been to. I have been going to Resurrection for five years now, and I have never before been so reached or inspired.

Starfield was by far the best band I have ever experienced at Resurrection. They did a fantastic job of preparing everyone for worship and the sermons. They also did a fabulous job of letting us know it doesn’t matter how we worship, because God loves it all. The lyrics of their new songs, especially "I Will Go," really spoke to me. It is truly amazing how inspirational their lyrics are, and how each song seemed to flow perfectly with the sermon. I have also never before seen a band that had so much passion and ability to relay such a wonderful message through music.

The speaker was also fabulous. His sermons weren’t just about becoming a Christian – but his message was also for people who are already Christians. The Rev. Lowell McNaney told us we need to work on living “radically” for Christ. I thought this was a really good thing, because often times, there are a lot of people who are already Christians, but they have been going the wrong way and need to be brought back. Lowell’s sermons seemed to do just that (bring them back).

The thing I loved most about Lowell’s sermons: He used great analogies that made it easy to remember what his sermons were about. Often times, we listen to a sermon -- whether at church or Resurrection -- and as soon as we walk out the door, we forget it. The sermon that I found most influential was on Saturday night -- about being a committed Christian and being “all in” for God.

Resurrection is by far my favorite church activity of the year. The only thing I was kind of sad about was that Starfield couldn’t have a signing table -- and of course, that it took so long for Resurrection to get here, and then it was over way too fast.

Resurrection is such an amazing conference, I wish it happened more than once a year. Even though I have been a Christian for a while, it never fails to get to me when I look around on Saturday night to see thousands of -- not only teenagers, but adults too -- crying their hearts out to Christ. I only hope next year’s Resurrection can be as good as Resurrection 2008.

*Remy is a youth member at a Johnson City District church. Some information is withheld to protect her privacy.