Jubilee Project and Randy Hildebrant go separate ways

Jubilee Project and Randy Hildebrant go separate ways

Randy Hildebrant, the Church and Community Worker who for 10 years led youth and work camp ministries at Jubilee Project, is no longer on the Jubilee staff and is waiting for a new assignment with the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).

In a Jan. 4 e-mail letter to Jubilee supporters and church leaders, Board Chair Sheldon Livesay announced staff revisions that also involved Hildebrant's assistant, Doris Burton.

"Jubilee has undergone some organizational changes which will strengthen its focus on food security, shelter, access to clean water, personal and public health and advancing self-worth. It will continue serving its youth and seniors," Livesay said. "Due to personnel changes, Randy Hildebrant and Doris Burton are no longer at Jubilee."

The decision to discontinue Hildebrant's service at Jubilee was jointly made with Hildebrant, the GBGM, and the Jubilee board, according to Kathleen Masters, GBGM executive secretary for justice and discipleship.

"Everybody who knows Randy knows how passionate he is and how important ministry is in his life," said Masters, whose office is in New York, N.Y., but who met with Hildebrant and the Jubilee board in Sneedville, Tenn., on Jan. 6. "He is stilll an employee of the GBGM, and he has not lost his job."

The Jubilee board decided to end Burton's AmeriCorps Service contract as well, Livesay said.

"I have had many sleepless nights and would have given anything for it not to work out this way," he said.

Jubilee will seek a replacement for Hildebrant in the months ahead, Livesay and Masters said.

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