Jubilee sends gratitude: "You have done a tremendous thing"

Jubilee sends gratitude: "You have done a tremendous thing"

On Dec. 5, Jubilee Project held its annual Community Christmas Bazaar. Several churches responded to the request for assistance. Here is a Dec. 8 letter of gratitude from Randy Hildebrant, Church and Community Worker at Jubilee Project in Sneedville, Tenn.:

To all of our dear friends:

Grace to you and the peace that only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ, May you receive a generous measure of the blessings that you have bestowed on us here at Jubilee Project this season.

To share a story from this weekend: I was talking to a young mother and she told me of how her child had outgrown most of his clothing. Yet she was able to get enough clothes to outfit him and would now have some money to buy Christmas gifts for him this year. You gave her the ability to bring Christmas to her children.

The statistics are:

  • Over 657 households were served and each household had an average of 4 persons (children and adults).
  • Over 3,000 blankets were given away. Everyone who came got a blanket plus!
  • 657 boxes of food were distributed.
  • Over 2,881 people got food. (This number came by asking how many in household when they picked up their food.)
  • 52,065 pounds of food were distributed -- approximately 79 pounds per household. This food included flour, cornmeal, beans, canned goods, dry goods, potatoes, milk, juice, meat, and hygiene kits.

We had more than the above numbers of people come through, as the number of 2,881 just covers the food boxes; we asked how many people were in each family. Some of the folks who came did not wish to have a food box. These people we were unable to count.

To help you understand the scope of what you have done, there are approximately 7,000 residents in Hancock County, so 41 percent of the residents of Hancock were served.

You are all in our prayers and hearts this Christmas season. With out you this couldn’t have happened. You have done a tremendous thing. 

Thank you again,

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