Kingsport pastor feels called to be army chaplain

Kingsport pastor feels called to be army chaplain

Steve Hopkins

By Holly Viers/ Times News

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (Aug. 13, 2017)  -- Steve Hopkins has come full circle.

After growing up in Kingsport and leaving to join the military, Hopkins has returned home to serve as pastor of Kendricks Creek United Methodist Church in Colonial Heights.

He hasn’t given up on his military background, though. While serving as pastor of the church, Hopkins is also working to become a chaplain in the Army.

“I think that we have a tendency to think people just go out and do what they do in the military, or the government provides them everything they need, but there’s something more that people as human beings need,” Hopkins said. “So that’s kind of why I want to do this — because people need it.”


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