Labor Day Prayer

Labor Day Prayer

Dear God,

On this Labor Day, we ask you to help us live lives of meaning;

We want to do work that gives honor to you and brings dignity to us and our fellow humans;

May our jobs be ones where we treat each other and your world with kindness and respect;

May we build relationships with one another that aren’t riddled with problems of caste, class, or envy.

Help us to see the inequalities that trouble you, the injustices that systems hold in place, and the violence that undermines the love you labor so to bring into our world.

Send us out each day with your blessing and help us remember that you walk with us in our daily work and want the best for ourselves, our families, and all your people wherever they may live.

And may our labor be a blessing to you and to others, and may we be thankful for all people, gifts, and opportunities that bless and challenge us.

In your gracious name, we pray.  Amen.

-- By Susan Montgomery, chair of the Holston Conference Outreach/Advocacy Team