Laura Shearer Blog: First Day of May

Laura Shearer Blog: First Day of May

By Rev. Laura Shearer, Holston Pastoral Counselor

From "Life Reflections in Bits and Pieces"

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (May 1, 2015) -- Beginnings — The first day of May is a perfect day to begin a long-planned series of reflections on life, hope, faith. From time to time, a new post will appear as a way of offering encouragement to my own life but also to the pilgrims seeking God. The reflections come out of my own life experience, reading, study,  prayer, conversations with the wise mothers and fathers and also teachers in my life. Sometimes those who become our teachers are persons of great experience in life. But sometimes, if we are listening, we learn great wisdom from the ones from whom we might least expect important guidance.

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