Linda Bird Wright leads Sudan team to 'The Captain's House'

Linda Bird Wright leads Sudan team to 'The Captain's House'

A mission team from Holston Conference comprised of six led by the Rev. Linda Bird Wright arrived in Uganda on Aug. 31 and spent the next three days in Kampala City shopping to furnish “The Captain’s House” in Yei, Sudan.

The team is on a two-week mission trip to East Africa Conference to participate in the completion phase of the mission house that has been built courtesy of a generous donation of $92,000 from the Wright family.
The house has been built in memory of the late Walter Lee Wright III (a retired pilot), who died in a car accident between Decatur and Dayton, Tenn., on March 18, 2009.

Other members on the team included Libby Dearing, Jane Robinson, Joy Robinson Shultz, the Rev. Fred Dearing, and Delphine Swanson (Bishop James Swanson’s spouse).

The team was accompanied to the episcopal office in Kampala by the Rev. Phyllis Hankins, currently serving in Yei, Sudan, as a missionary. Armed with a map of the Yei region of Southern Sudan, Hankins outlined the progress being made in the areas of church growth and provision of safe water. She also outlined future plans for ministry activities in the region.

Welcoming the visiting team to Uganda and East Africa Conference, Bishop Daniel Wandabula expressed appreciation to the visiting team for setting aside time and resources towards serving the needy communities in Sudan. He disclosed that East Africa is proud to be in partnership with Holston Conference, pointing out that the support extended by Holston to the needy communities of Sudan is promoting church growth and empowerment of communities, especially in the Yei region.

In her brief remarks, Wright disclosed that she was excited to be visiting East Africa again, pointing out that her family is blessed to be able to provide a place where individuals serving God’s people will find shelter, comfort, and be able to rejuvenate. She was glad that the Captain’s House was to be furnished and will soon be put to use for the glory of God.

Delphine Swanson brought greetings from Bishop James Swanson and disclosed that she was excited to be in East Africa and looked forward to meeting God’s people in the region. She expressed appreciation to the people of Uganda for the hospitality extended to her and the team while in Uganda.

Having completed shopping in Kampala, the team sent the supplies and the oil press machine procured earlier for the support the women ministry by road, and took a flight to Yei, Sudan, on Sept. 4.

The completion and furnishing of “The Captain’s House” in Yei will promote mission activities in the region. East Africa is privileged to be in partnership with Holston Conference.

Bob Kisubi is communications director for the East Africa Conference.