Maryville District pays 100 percent of apportionment

Maryville District pays 100 percent of apportionment

The 62 churches of Maryville District led the conference in paying last year's "Fair Share" apportionments by giving 100 percent of their askings, the treasurer's office has announced.

The district with the next highest rate of giving was Wytheville, whose 117 churches gave 95 percent.

Overall, apportionment giving fell short of the Council on Finance and Administration's goal of 100 percent. As a group, Holston's 910 churches gave $14.18 million in 2007, or 89 percent of the projected budget.

"Unfortunately, we collected less in December than we have historically collected," said John Tate, conference treasurer. Contributing to the loss was 21 churches who paid $0 and 20 churches who gave less than 5 percent of askings.

The 2007 financial report from the treasurer's office also revealed:

  • 697 of Holston's 910 churches paid 100 percent or more
  • Big Stone Gap gave the lowest percentage of Holston's 12 districts, with nearly 80 percent
  • Chattanooga District gave the next-to-lowest percentage, with nearly 84 percent
  • 2007 giving was a slight improvement over 2006 conference-wide giving, which at 88 percent was the lowest rate in more than five years

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