Maryville high school custodian gets surprise of his life

Maryville high school custodian gets surprise of his life

By Madisen Keavy/ WATE

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 19, 2018) - It took months of planning, some white lies and community support to create a once-in-a-lifetime night for Maryville High School's custodian. 

Expecting to clean up after an event at Fairview United Methodist Church in Maryville, Steve Yarborough never thought he would be greeted by nearly 100 friends, students, and community members all waiting to celebrate him. 

"It's wonderful. It shows the closeness of this community and the way that these students, and the teachers, how close. What kind of a bond they have - how they care," said Yarborough. 

Pastor Roger Murphy told Yarborough there was a job, but really, Murphy organized an event with live music, prayers and a dedication video in Yarborough's honor.

The goal was to remind Yarborough he was loved. 

"We just wanted to overwhelm him with love," said Josh Rouse, a senior at Maryville High School. 

Rouse says the event was an "agape attack," or an attack of God's love. 

Yarborough works two jobs everyday. Students and faculty at Maryville High School say his positive attitude is what inspires them to be better and do better. 


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