More refugees than ever calling Knoxville home

More refugees than ever calling Knoxville home

By Mary Scott/ WBIR

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 2, 2017) -- More refugees than ever before are now calling Knoxville home.

Bridge Refugee Services, the agency designated by the government to help refugees adjust to life in Knoxville, said the numbers are up 35 percent since 2014.

With a new administration coming into the White House this month, many advocates are concerned how the anti-refugee rhetoric in the campaign will play out in President-elect Donald Trump's policy.

However, Bridge Refugee Services executive director Drocella Mugorewera is hopeful for the future. She explained almost anyone who learns the stories of the refugees, vetted through a vigorous process to gain entry, will understand why we need to accept more in this country.

Bridge Refugee Services is housed at St. Luke's United Methodist Church


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