Nancy Hobbs reminded people that 'help is available'

Nancy Hobbs reminded people that 'help is available'

In January 2011, Nancy Tomlinson Hobbs retired after 10 years as Church and Community Worker in the Big Stone Gap District. 

The Call
asked the Rev. Archer Coppedge, Big Stone Gap District superintendent, "What is Nancy Hobbs' legacy?"

"Nancy’s legacy is twofold," said Coppedge.

"First, she was always present in the churches for worship, studies, meetings, United Methodist Women events. Her presence reminded people that help in dealing with the needs of the area was available through and with Nancy.

"Second, the Seeds of Bounty program was enthusiastically received by the United Methodist people as a real way to help persons be able to feed their families by growing their own food. It reconnected people with the land that can provide what is needed to sustain life."

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