Norwood welcomes teachers with 'thank you' breakfast

Norwood welcomes teachers with 'thank you' breakfast

Pastor Joe Phillips and his son, Luke, are surrounded by members of the Breakfast Team at Norwood UMC.

By Lynn Redmon

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 5, 2016) --  Pastor Joe Phillips is wasting no time at his new church appointment at Norwood United Methodist Church. He visited nearby Norwood Elementary School and talked with principal Robin Ellis to find ways the church could honor the teachers at the school.

“We came up with idea of serving the school teachers a 'thank you' breakfast during the week before the students arrived," Phillips said.

The church donated all the food, and a breakfast team of ten church members served the teachers and staff at the school on Aug. 2.

“Teachers in public schools are under tremendous pressure and sometimes feel like they are buffeted from all sides,” said Phillips. “The breakfast we did at the school was a small gesture on our part to let them know how appreciated they really are.”

“I would recommend something like this for any church in the Holston Conference looking for an outreach program. First of all, we are Methodists – we have the skill set to do food events. And any of our churches has a public school nearby whose teachers are working hard in the most important job of educating our kids.”