Pastoral Counseling Center announces new name

Pastoral Counseling Center announces new name

By Laura Shearer

ALCOA, Tenn. (April 28, 2016) -- The Supervisory Committee of Holston’s Pastoral Counseling Center announces a new name for the ministry: the Holston Center for Wellbeing. 

The new name explains the positive focus that those who are involved in shepherding the ministry have toward the work. The committee also intends for the ministry to be understood as  a model of emotional and spiritual health in Holston Conference.

As part of Holston’s clergy support, the ministry director Rev. Laura Shearer provides programming in support of the wellbeing of Holston clergy and their families as well as individual and family counseling. Through these efforts, vicariously the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Holston’s congregations benefits.

Shearer considers her work as preventative as well as restorative for those who use the services. “I understand my confidential work as being a behind-the-scenes person, offering listening and reflection as well as coaching and teaching support for those gifted and dedicated Holston pastors as they navigate the complex and often difficult work of pastoral ministry. Also, being available to those persons who are part of the pastor’s support system is an important aspect of what I do. It is right to consider that our clergy are people with complicated relationships and tragedies in their lives, just like every other person. Encouraging any person to take the time to address and work through issues offers a person renewal for life’s work and hope for the future.”

Services are available to clergy in Holston Conference and their family members and also to others engaged in ministry within the conference. Appointments are made by calling (865) 692-2390.