Pastor's poem: 'Will it ever be enough?'

Pastor's poem: 'Will it ever be enough?'

By Ginger Isom

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (Feb. 16, 2018) -- I wrote this poem yesterday morning in response to the Florida school shooting and in conjunction with the photo-a-day Lenten journey with Rethink Church.

The word for the day was "water." I took this photo of water droplets on the ends of pine needles, which made me think of tears being shed due to yet another inexcusable and senseless tragic loss of young, promising lives.



It is not only our tears that fall;

   Heaven and earth weep with us,

   droplets spent in collective grief

   for a broken world

   where children die

   and parents fear

   yet life goes on unfazed.

The banks can no longer contain

   the tears that have pooled

   from too many horrors inflicted.

The floodwaters rage in disgust,

   "When will it be enough?

   Will it ever be enough?"


Rev. Ginger Isom is pastor of McFarland United Methodist Church in Rossville, Georgia.