Board of Pensions will reduce direct billing for health insurance

Board of Pensions will reduce direct billing for health insurance

By Rick Cherry

On Oct. 1, the Holston Conference Board of Pensions and Health met for a semi-annual meeting. The board was presented and approved a recommendation from the Pension and Health executive committee to reduce the amount churches are direct billed for health insurance for all qualifying clergy from $8,220 per year to $7,000 per year. The self-funded health insurance plan for Holston Conference has experienced several years where insurance premium exceed the insurance claims. The executive committee was satisfied that the health insurance reserves had increased sufficiently over the period to satisfy any shortfall in the near future. The committee’s desire was to share the savings and therefore chose to reduce the rate charged to every church with a full-time pastor or elder. The Rev. David Tabor, Tazewell District superintendent, says that this is a very good thing for many churches that struggle with being able to afford a full-time clergy person.

The Board once again wants to assure all participants that we have in place a health insurance plan that meets all regulations of the Affordable Health Care Plan and is constantly monitoring the legislation to ensure our participants are receiving great value for their money.

We also want to express to our churches how much we appreciate their faithfulness in providing the funding for the benefit of their clergy and for very faithfully making direct billing successful.

Rick Cherry is Holston Conference treasurer and director of administrative services.