Pray for Turkey and Syria

Pray for Turkey and Syria

UMCOR Turkey & Syria Earthquake Initial Response from Global Ministries on Vimeo.

FROM UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)
Update: Feb. 21, 2023

Please join us in prayer for the people impacted by the new earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, striking the same areas devastated by the recent major earthquakes.

UMCOR will continue to work with local partners IBC Uluslararası Mavi Hilal Vakfı and others as they assess new support needed.

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Update: Feb. 7, 2023

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey at 4:17 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, the most powerful earthquake recorded since 1939. In the hours that followed, at least 78 aftershocks were reported, followed by a second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude. More than 5,000 people were killed, with deaths expected to rise. 

The earthquake also heavily impacted northwest Syria, where 4.1 million people depend on humanitarian assistance. The majority are women and children. At this time, Syrian communities are simultaneously facing an ongoing cholera outbreak and extreme winter weather events, including heavy rain and snow. The humanitarian response is overstretched due to the devastation and cold weather. 

UMCOR has released an initial solidarity grant to a longstanding humanitarian partner, International Blue Crescent (IBC), which has offices in Turkey. The grant will provide tents, heaters, blankets, warm clothes, ready to eat meals and basic first aid kits.

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Feb. 6, 2023

Join us in prayer for the people of Turkey and Syria who have just experienced two devastating earthquakes.

The initial quake, which hit in the early morning hours, leveled buildings, killing more than 1,700 people and wounding more than 5,300, with numbers expected to climb. News reports are already assessing the impact as the worst to hit the area in a century.

UMCOR is processing a grant to our partner in Turkey, International Blue Crescent (IBC), which has issued an appeal for emergency supplies such as tents, heaters, blankets, warm clothes, food, and first aid.

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