Pray Now

Pray Now

The Rev. Buford "Boo" Hankins and the Rev. Phyllis Hankins departed June 22 for a two-year assignment in Yei, Sudan. Holston members are invited to participate in a 40-day prayer journey that began June 14, the first day of Annual Conference. The complete guide is provided here by the Sudan Action Team, but you may also click on the "Pray Now" link in The Call 2 weekly e-news until the 40 days are ended. Also watch for blog reports from Boo and Phyllis, beginning soon and available at or through The Call 2.

June 24: Today in Uganda, Boo and Phyllis will meet with Bishop Daniel Wandabula to begin the relationship of District Superintendent for the churches in Yei, Sudan. Pray that all goes well.

June 25: Pray that the vehicle purchased for the Hankins is ready to be picked up and that all is well for the trip to Sudan.

June 26: As Boo and Phyllis prepare to leave by Toyota Land Cruiser for Yei, pray for a driver and smooth travel.

June 27: Pray that God’s Spirit will pour down his blessings on the work of Boo and Phyllis.

June 28:
Pray that God will bless the new relationship of Boo and Phyllis and East Africa Annual Conference personnel.

June 29: Pray for the partnership and friendship of Boo and Phyllis with the workers of Samaritan’s Purse in Yei.

June 30: Pray for faith and assurance that God is in control and will provide every need for Boo and Phyllis as they arrive in Yei.

July 1: Pray that the work with village pastors will be harmonious.