Pray Now

Pray Now

The Rev. Buford "Boo" Hankins and the Rev. Phyllis Hankins departed June 22 for a two-year assignment in Yei, Sudan. Holston members are invited to participate in a 40-day prayer journey that began June 14, the first day of Annual Conference. The complete guide is provided here by the Sudan Action Team, but this "Pray Now" link in The Call 2 weekly e-news will provide the following week's prayers until completion of the journey.

July 8: Thank God for the living water that we offer in the name of Jesus Christ to the people of Yei, Sudan.    

July 9:
Pray that Boo & Phyllis will adjust well to new food.

July 10
: Pray for a congenial and harmonious working relationship between Holston & East Africa Annual Conferences.            

July 11: Pray that God will provide generously for the financial needs of Boo & Phyllis.

July 12: Pray that travel around Yei is trouble free.

July 13: Thank God even now for the teams that will come soon to be in mission and ministry.

July 14 : Pray that God’s love is made real in the lives of Boo & Phyllis and all persons that they encounter today.    

July 15: Thank God for the provisions that have come for the work and ministries of Boo & Phyllis.

July 16
: In the days and months ahead let us praise God for His goodness and the privilege to work with Him where He is already at work.