Between Memory and Hope

Between Memory and Hope

A prayer for 9/11

God of Deepest Memory,

     throughout the ages, your holy word calls your people to remember.
          And so, we remember:
               Times when you led us
               toward freedom in spite of our disobedience.
               Times in the wilderness
               when you gave sweet water, bread and quails.
               Times when you answered
               our fears with endless hope.

          We remember:
               Lives laid down,
               Sacrifices made,
               Times of terror,
               Weeping without end,
               Days of doubt,
               Quiet moments of trust.

We remember.

Still we know that you are more than a God of sacred memory.
     You are the One who has plans for a future with bright hope.
          Even as we remember, help us claim your hope.
          Lead us into boldness of faith.
          Give us courage to move into your vision.
          Grant each one assurance that you are and always will be.
          Step with us along narrow paths.
          Break open bitter hearts so that your love falls in.
          Stir in us a deep knowing that we may be still.
          We pray even as we live in this time ... between memory and hope.

-- Written by the Rev. Katye Fox, pastor at Auburn United Methodist Church in Riner, Va.