Strategy Team shares survey

Strategy Team shares survey


July 22, 2017

The Holston Conference Strategy Team, (“HCST”) is excited to be in mission with you to explore innovative and contemporary ways to bring people into a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. As you may know, our Conference has adopted a Comprehensive Strategic Plan to make significant changes that will help us all to be more fruitful in mission and ministry for the Kingdom of God.

One of the key components of this plan is to redefine the location and boundaries of our Districts while consolidating them from 12 to 9 Districts. We need your help in making sure the Bishop and the Cabinet have a complete understanding of the factors that make your district area unique as they determine the actual boundaries.

We have therefore prepared a Survey for you to complete before the deadline of August 15, 2017.

We are preparing this Survey to make certain that everyone in Holston Conference receives this opportunity to provide input into this decision-making process.

This is just the first step in the process of implementing the Comprehensive Conference Strategy Plan and we hope that you will participate in future activities as well. To keep up with developments of the Plan, please follow updates on, and follow us on Facebook @holstonstrategyteam.

Finally, we ask for your prayers for guidance and clarity of discernment as we all move together into a new future that God has prepared for Holston Conference.

Your Holston Conference Strategy Team